Monday, July 19, 2010

Old People Driving

Sitka Film Society presents~

The New Filmmaker Forum: An evening of short documentary films
Sitka Performing Arts Center

Saturday, July 24, 7pm

Tickets: $6.00

A Q&A reception with filmmaker Shaleece Haas -- Raven Radio intern from 2009 -- will be held after the screening.

Old People Driving (25 minutes)
In the tender and surprising documentary, "Old People Driving," director Shaleece Haas gets into the passenger seat and asks, "Can a person be simply too old to drive?" The film chronicles the adventures of Milton, age 96, and Herbert, age 99, as they confront a grim milestone: the end of their driving years. And we learn the heartbreaking truth about the generation that came of age during America's love affair with the automobile: that they, too, will eventually sputter to a stop.

Hunt for the Red Devil (8 minutes)
They have ice blue blood, three hearts, eight arms … and they're taking over our waters. In the last decade, the population of giant squid has exploded. They can now be found swimming — and feasting — from the South Pacific Ocean to the gulf of Alaska. In "Hunt for the Red Devil," journalist Maggie Fazeli Fard sets out to learn the truth behind the growing numbers of Humboldt squid, also known as "red devils.

Feast & Sacrifice (26 minutes)
In a small village in Senegal, Kanni and her family prepare for the biggest holiday of the year - The Feast of the Sacrifice. With beautiful imagery and an intimate connection to her subjects, director Clare Major explores the rich themes of globalization, community and the lives of women in today's rural Africa.

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